Julien Baker Releases New Single “Favor”, Enlists boygenius Bandmates Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus

The trio known as boygenius, made up of singer/songwriters Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus, have been on a roll since the release of their stunning self-titled debut EP released in 2018.

Since the project’s release, the trio has gone on to work together in many capacities outside of their formal boygenius moniker, including backing vocal work on Hayley Williams’ 2020 album Petals for Armor and their collaboration on Bridgers’ “Graceland Too” off of her Grammy-nominated sophomore LP, Punisher.

Now the trio of artistically collaborative friends have made their call to arms once again on the new single for Julien Baker’s upcoming album, Little Oblivions, which is set for release on Matador Records later this month. The track, “Favor”, is the third single released from Julien Baker’s newest full-length album, following the releases of “Hardline” and “Faith Healer” from the past couple of months. Little Oblivions will be the first record that Baker has recorded with a full band behind her.

On the track, Julien Baker sings, “I used to think about myself like I was a talented liar.” As backing vocals from Bridgers and Dacus echo behind her, Baker continues, “Turns out that all my friends were trying to do me a favor.”

In a statement adjunct to the release of “Favor”, Phoebe Bridgers shared, “Julien is one of those people whose opinion you want to hear about everything. A true critical thinker with an ever-changing and ridiculously articulate worldview. Her music changes in the same way, and this record is my favorite thing she’s ever done. I’m sure I’ll think the same about the next one.” 

The track was recorded in Nashville, during the same session “Graceland Too” was recorded, as well as a currently unreleased track from Dacus. “That day had the same atmosphere as when we recorded the boygenius EP,” Dacus shared. “Making music was just a natural result of being together, easy as can be but also rare in a way that feels irreplicable.” Watch the lyric video for “Favor” below. Little Oblivions is set for release via Matador Records on February 26th.

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