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K’alley speaks on his path to becoming the 1st Rapper from the “Street” with a 4.0 GPA

K’alley is a music artist, social media influencer, and marketing specialist from Compton, California; born to a single mother of four children. Before the age of 3, his family moved to a small town in Georgia. In a recent interview, K’alley stated, “Times were hard. I remember my whole family sleeping on somebody’s living room floor after being evicted. I remember my whole family being homeless in the streets of Atlanta before I was 8 years old. At a young age, I knew I had to do something to save my family. I had to make it out by any means necessary.”

Growing up, K’alley excelled in academia, while simultaneously running the streets and pursuing a music career. At age 14, he dropped his first mixtape titled P.I.L.L.S. Since then, K’alley has been progressing in the music industry, releasing music every year. In 2017, he graduated from Jackson High School with a 4.0 GPA, was recognized as a top honors student, and received an 80,000$ scholarship to go to college. After earning a full-ride scholarship to college, K’alley subsequently decided to go to Georgia State to study Business Marketing. In 2021, K’alley graduated from college with a 4.0 GPA. His yearning for knowledge earned him the title of “The first rapper with a 4.0 GPA”.

It doesn’t stop there, though. Through Utilizing his knowledge of business and his degree in marketing, K’alley has gained much more exposure for his music. His marketing tactics have earned him over 15 million views between Instagram and Tik Tok, with his most-watched video peaking at

4.6 million views on Tik Tok. His skill of Marketing, networking, and rapping has allowed him to be in the studio with the likes of Zaytoven and work with DJ C3nturii. Also, upon graduating college, he immediately opened his own record label, Flip Game Empire, and is anticipating opening his own Marketing company soon.

“I grew up in a place that glamorized drug dealers, gang members, murder, and prostitution. It wasn’t the lifestyle I wanted; I saw how all those stories ended. The streets pushed me towards the microphone, but when it’s all said and done—they’ll say I’m the black Elon Musk or Steve Jobs. It’s already written.” Today, K’alley continues to create music with his team of artists and producers, while utilizing social media tactics to grow his music audience and brand. Learn more about his brand @papi_kalley on Instagram. Check out some of his latest music below.


John Lyberg
John Lyberg
John Lyberg is currently a student at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire with experience in the fields of journalism and public relations. His work often focuses around the worlds of music, entertainment, and entrepreneurship. With a passion for music and writing, John works hard to keep a foot in the music industry, even having dabbled as a radio personality in the past

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