Kasey Stinson Is Reaching New Heights

Kasey Stinson is an entrepreneur from California. With the wide range of business services he offers, his career at the moment is centered on business consultation. His skill set for business and finance has been polished over the last decade as a highly sought-after tax professional in Los Angeles. In addition to being a business consultant, he is also highly involved in developing media properties for licensing and sale. Kasey Stinson has always been interested in learning and found himself researching everything he found in Forbes magazines that he didn’t understand. From there, he began gathering knowledge and started multiple media ventures, one landing him in prison for 8 years. During his time in prison, he founded the group Men Of Change which is designed to help men reprogram their ways of thinking from illegal hustles to legal ventures.

Kasey Stinson is now the co-founder and Chief Financial Officer of Victory Starts Now. This is a nonprofit organization that is the leading provider of community-based restoration services for Los Angeles County’s Office of Reentry and Diversion. Helping people has been Kasey’s passion from a young age. What “help” means has evolved over time, but the purpose has remained the same: Kasey prides himself in leaving people, businesses, and even animals, better off than what he found them. Victory Starts Now is a nonprofit focusing on alternatives to incarceration and helping the once incarcerated become productive members of society. His unique skill set helped the company grow from 1 facility in 2015 serving 20 clients to 21 facilities in 2020. Kasey Stinson has a passion for prison reform and believes that in the next 5 years he will be elevating his organization allowing for brokering more deals and making more opportunities available.

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