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Kindred Artistry Is Encourging Us To Look Inward and Slow Ourselves Down To A Pace Where We Can Be More Mindful

A radical idea in a world otherwise screaming at us to focus our attention on all things all at once.

Before you smirk at this reimagined “stop and smell the roses” attitude and return to your to-do list, take a deep breath. Then, take a few moments to read about the journey that has led up to Alana Pearman becoming a new artist and self-care advocate.

In short, it all has to do with connection. More specifically, her lifelong struggle to connect with herself and others.

It has been said that art speaks for those who can’t find the right words. In this way, creativity is her love language. “Fiber is one of my favorite mediums because of its velvety texture. The dyes can be used to create an understated effect or crisp lines, and anything in between. It’s a fun but challenging way to play with tension and absorbency. It certainly demands all my focus. So I could say it’s a good way to stay present,” she laughs. 

Her family is equally split between the Midwest and the West. Due to her unique upbringing, “there were many years when it was difficult to find my place with others. If I’m honest, I still have some days even now when I feel that way. But, there are other aspects I wouldn’t change. Not one bit!” she says. “I love not fitting completely into one aesthetic, culture, or expectation.”

When asked how Kindred Artistry came to be, she admits, “I kind of fell into this experience. And, I’m letting it go wherever it takes me, for now. At times, my brother and I were able to do art exhibits together. In 2023, the emphasis was more on self-care products, online presence, and pop-ups. In 2024, I’ll be more focused on fiber art again. My first solo exhibit will be in April at Gallery Seven in Lockport, IL (a Chicago suburb on Historic Route 66). I’m also excitedly waiting for a sitcom pilot episode and a commercial to air because two of my fiber art pieces are displayed in them. These are things younger me never could’ve imagined!

This is because she grew up in a small, rural Midwestern town. “At times life could be slow-paced and lonely. Creativity was a constant companion. Why would that need to change as I age? I find that as an adult, I still prefer small-group activities where we do a project together. It has by far been the best way to make close friends. Trying, failing, trying again, communicating, and completing a project, even a small one (sometimes with a glass of wine in hand and always with laughter) has made the best connections.”

It’s that same ethos that she puts into her small business. She works hard to get things the way you would like them to be. When you commission a custom fiber art piece or purchase self-care products, it’s easy to forget she is a business owner. Instead, you are just talking to a friend who has a way of pulling you into her infectious enthusiasm for learning, growing, and creating, which makes you smile.

The last thing you’re thinking about is your to-do list.

See more of her work on Instagram @kindredartistry

Website: kindred-artistry.myshopify.com

For custom fiber art, wholesale orders or questions, contact: kindredartistry2@gmail.com

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