KSW#12: SilverTrmry vs David “Predarior” Genaro

On May 17, in the famous octagon of Warsaw in Poland, the long-awaited fight between SilverTrmry & David “Predarior” Genaro, two young heavyweights, broadcast on HDTV caused a stir, indeed at the weigh-in, SilverTrmry put a punch in Genaro, three security agents had to intervene to separate them, during this time the channel broadcast their advertising pages, the fight started 30 minutes late. From the start of the fight SilverTrmry put a low kick to his opponent and threw himself on him to tackle him to the ground, he attempted a submission that Genaro managed to avoid. By getting up SilverTrmry managed to find an opening to place an uppercut which destabilized his opponent, he took his leg took him to the ground a second time, and got on top of him, then SilverTrmry put a series of direct hits until the Predarior loses consciousness. Silver won his 18th victory, still undefeated he showed everyone that he was not the favorite for nothing.

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