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Landdai Uses AI to Reinvent How Professionals Are On-Boarded and Trained

For any company to be successful, it must do more than simply find the right person for a job – it must fold them into its culture and develop them into a powerhouse. Most businesses can do the first, but Josh Irmler, the founder of Landdai, says that many struggle with the second. While he agrees that today’s businesses know the importance of developing their talent, the problem is they have outdated tools that hinder them from quickly creating engaging, meaningful onboarding sessions, organizational materials, and presentation decks. Landdai’s generative AI apps for HR and L&D teams are the solution.

“First, let’s talk about generative AI, including why it is transforming how we do business,” says Josh. “No matter what industry you are in, you have probably heard about it already. Think of AI programs that allow you to type in a few sentences and within moments see an essay being written on your screen, and you can understand why Landdai and its generative AI are a gamechanger for human resource departments.”

Josh, who has an extensive background in organizational development, decided to innovate the technology and use it to streamline and improve how HR and L&D professionals on-board and train team members. He explains that curriculum developers, content developers, instructional designers, and professional development managers all have one thing in common: they must create a lot of content every day that communicates the values of a company, brings employees into its culture, and helps them to develop into stronger professionals throughout their tenure.

“On top of that, the content must capture the interest of its audience even though they may show up to a meeting tired, distracted, or any of the other things that prevent people from engaging 100% at work,” says Josh. “In the past, that was a tall order, but generative AI and Landdai are making it possible.”

Josh and his engineering team set out to empower Landdai’s users with the ability to create, personalize, and present talent development resources. They first collated a large amount of HR data and then consulted with top HR leaders, L&D experts, and instructional designers to train Landdai to create and deliver high-quality content.

“Once we had AI incorporated in our platform, we created several easy-to-use apps: our Slide Presentation Generator, L&D Program Creator, and Landdai GPT,” he says. “In doing so, we could target every part of the onboarding and development processes where the flow of information was getting bogged down.”

Landdai’s Slide Presentation Generator creates a complete presentation after a user chooses a template and inputs their prompt. Its L&D Program Creator generates an entire session or program after a user selects an L&D template and types in a prompt. Through the Landdai GPT, an HR professional can do on-demand, customized research. In September 2023, Landdai Courses will be launched and will create entire training courses, including assessments, interactive up-skilling exercises, immersive content, and quizzes and evaluations.

“HR and L&D teams now have the ability to create higher quality materials faster and more cost effectively ,” says Josh. “Because of this, that log jam is being eased. Landdai’s generative AI apps allow meaningful, engaging information to flow between leaders and their talent, and that translates to talent that is more productive and companies that are seeing higher growth.”

He invites anyone who is curious about the potential of generative AI to create a free account on Landdai. “If you would like to see how Landdai’s apps can facilitate stronger presentations and training in your company, check us out,” he says. “The future of AI has arrived – now is the time to implement it in your business and enjoy the difference it can make in saved time, resources, and revenue.”

Josh Irmler is the founder of Landdai, a B2B AI SaaS in the corporate learning and development space. Landdai uses generative AI to create customized, high-quality instructional and training materials for training coordinators, elearning developers, development directors, and instructional designers. Through AI, Landdai is on a mission to help 10 million professionals accelerate their career and become more holistically successful.

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