Lexie Salameh peers into the minds of her fans through her new song “Reflections”

The music world has been shocking to the core with the release of the brand-new single from Lexie Salameh. “Reflections” was released a few days ago. And so far, it has been doing extremely well. Fans have been welcoming of the song and everyone seems to enjoy it a lot.

A newcomer to the music industry, Lexie Salameh is better known for her work as a realtor. With a clientele that is comprised of musicians, artists, and influencers, Lexie knows her way around people’s needs. She has picked up this skill of understanding the needs of a person. She applies that skill in music too.

Lexie Salameh created “Reflections” with the view to satisfying their need for music. The song feels like Lexie peered into the minds of the listener and curated the track according to their musical needs. This has made the song very enjoyable to listen to. You can’t stop yourself from playing the song over and over again.

If you want to check out Lexie’s music for yourself you can find it on Spotify here:

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