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Lumi Athena on Finding Their Sound, KrushClub, and Their Viral Hit ‘LET ME SEE YA MOVE!’

When COVID hit, Lumi Athena stumbled into a life-changing passion that would evolve into a genre-shaping artistic identity. At just 18, they have already left their mark on music, gaming, and fashion, creating a sound that listeners instantly recognize as “Lumi Athena.” From beating out rhythms on their school desk to commanding an online community through “ICEWHORE” and “SMOKE IT OFF,” Lumi’s journey embodies high-energy, unfiltered creativity.

It all started with a beat-up PC they found on Facebook Marketplace for $400. Fueled by restless curiosity, they were drawn to gaming and dove headfirst into Fortnite’s competitive scene. They then stumbled upon Adobe AfterEffects, where they began remixing audio and creating chaotic, clipping edits that caught the attention of TikTok and YouTube fans. With each post, Lumi’s community grew, and the challenge of perfecting edits became a new game.

Lumi’s curiosity didn’t stop at visuals. They expanded to FL Studio, where they remixed popular songs and developed a unique sound, naming their genre “Krush Club.” But the journey wasn’t smooth: when their first PC got destroyed, they quickly bounced back by dropping “ICEWHORE” and “SMOKE IT OFF” on their new laptop. The tracks went viral, solidifying their confidence in their creativity and proving they could captivate an audience.

Inspired by artists like Tyler the Creator and Yeat, they envisioned creating a brand people would immediately associate with Lumi Athena. This led to “LET ME SEE YA MOVE” and “EGOISTA,” further establishing Krush Club’s signature vibe—a blend of chaotic audio, catchy melodies, and intense, brain-rotting edits.

The success of “SMOKE IT OFF” catapulted Lumi into opportunities they hadn’t imagined. They signed with 25/7 Records, who flew them to LA. During the trip, they met longtime collaborators Cade Clair and Jnhygs in person for the first time, realizing a dream while shooting their first music video in a luxurious mansion. From shopping on Melrose to snagging their first chain and grill, Lumi found they were living their vision.

Even their inner critic couldn’t stop them. “I’ve always been a pretty confident person, but everything has honestly felt like a shot in the dark,” Lumi admits. “I never really had a time when I was completely confident that something was going to work, so every song felt like its own obstacle. It’s really easy to overthink every release and be your own worst enemy, but even when stuff didn’t go as planned, I just kept going.”

Things have taken off since then, but Lumi remains grounded. Despite gaining traction and landing on Billboard, Lumi doesn’t care for awards and charts. For them, it’s all about influencing their community and seeing people embrace Krush Club. “Every year feels like a lifetime,” they say, acknowledging that they’re just getting started.

Looking ahead, Lumi envisions pushing Krush Club beyond the digital realm. They want to perform live and explore fashion, expanding their brand into something physical. It’s an ambitious goal, but Lumi Athena’s relentless creativity and confidence prove They’re ready to bring their sound into reality in ways that will surprise and inspire.

In a world where expectations and trends can trap artists, Lumi stands firm. They’re creating music they want to hear and aren’t afraid to take risks. They found their purpose in bringing people together through their chaotic sound and vision, and the world was taking notice. Stay tuned because the Krush Club is just getting started.

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