Marine & Entrepreneur Jaylen Feliciano Is Educating Others Through His Clothing Brand And Platform Creating Generational Wealth

Growing up in Atlanta, Georgia, Jaylen Feliciano began his life journey with little to no money. His father passed away when he was just six years old, leaving him behind to fend for his family. After joining the United States Marines, Jaylen began to grow and understand the importance of longevity and building a successful, well fulfilled life for himself and, more importantly, those who will continue to live on beyond him.

Motivated to inspire others to also think about their children’s future, Feliciano started his own clothing brand and platform called Creating Generational Wealth. The entrepreneur says his greatest success is balancing his strenuous life as a marine while being able to scale his business. “My greatest success so far is being able to go through three months of strenuous training and being able to become a full-time entrepreneur,” explained the business owner. “Somehow, in some way, I am still able to make time to train my Marines and have my business grow over six figures plus in revenue,” added Feliciano.

Jaylen looks over those who are developing the same mindset as he did from an early age. He realizes he’s only been given this one life, and his purpose is to help others. With this ideology, Jaylen Feliciano continues to grow his brand, his image, and his message, hoping to educate others on why it’s important to think ahead and build lasting wealth for our future generations.

To find out more about Jaylen Feliciano and his brands, be sure to keep up with him on his personal Instagram @jaylenfeliciano and Creating Generational Wealth’s Instagram @wecrategenerationalwealth.

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