Mark Wright – A Digital Marketing Maestro & Entrepreneur

According to a recent Statista report, it is predicted that companies globally will spend approximately $701.20 billion in 2023 on digital marketing and advertising. Furthermore, research submitted by Orbelo predicts that figure will likely reach $876.1 billion by 2026. The sole reason for this predicted exponential growth in the digital marketing budget of companies is due to the belief they have in the potential of online advertising. After witnessing the rising usage and mass adoption of internet as a primary source of information for many people, brands have come to the conclusion that their money is best spent on places their audience frequents the most and thus, they are willing to stretch their advertising budgets in hopes of larger returns on their investment.

According to Emarsys, about 3.2 billion social media users are active every day on the internet for an average of 2 hours and 22 minutes. Totaling to about 42% of the population, spending time online, browsing pages, looking at sites and wondering what to do; simply put, businesses who fail to tap into this market even in 2023 are most likely to have a hard time surviving in the future.  However, if your business is running even some kind of social media marketing, it could reach a greater audience and greater heights, quickly.

Digital Marketing has surely cemented its place in the world of business however it is not easy to find the best digital marketing solutions & strategies. The domain of digital marketing is ever changing with new policies, trends and algorithms popping up every day, making it difficult for marketers and agencies to keep up and stay relevant. It is hard to go by trial and error when choosing a marketer that best fits your requirements unless you have a good idea of what that individual is like. The benefit of living in the age of internet and technology is that extraordinary people or things don’t stay hidden for long and are eventually brought to the limelight. This was the case with Mark Edward Wright, the founder of Climb Online. Wright came into the spotlight in 2014 through the British business-styled reality game show, “The Apprentice,” broadcasted by BBC. He won the show and secured a £250,000 business investment from Alan Sugar, also known as Lord Sugar.

Wright established his digital marketing agency, Climb Online with Lord Sugar from the prize money of BBC Apprentice and through his unique approach towards online marketing for business development turned Climb Online into one of the fastest-growing digital marketing firms. The company turned over £1.7 in the first year of trading after it secured approximately 200 contracts from the UK and abroad and is now worth around £10,000,000.00.

It wasn’t just The Apprentice that made Wright into a digital marketing wiz; his first job was to wash cars in his dad’s business. Wright arrived in England in 2012, and began by working in low-paying jobs and resided in hostels. Then, he started selling Google AdWords door-to-door for a company. Slowly he began to learn how the industry was functioning and felt that he could create something of his own in this sphere and this is what led him to submit an application to The Apprentice.

Wright’s passion for his work has radiated in several ventures he has undertaken since joining the fold of digital marketing. In 2016, Wright started a digital advertising course in collaboration with E-Careers Limited with the purpose of launching Climb Academy Level 1: Introduction to digital marketing, to educate the masses and give them a taste of what extraordinary marketing looks like. In 2019, with the purpose of educating the younger generation and bringing them a bit closer to one of the fastest rising industries, Wright launched a one-day annual business conference in the UK named CLIMBCON. The event gathered various business owners and entrepreneurs to learn from veteran business leaders such as Piers Morgan and Lord Sugar.

Being an individual who has proved his expertise and skill on more than one occasion, Wright has become a pioneer in the field of business & digital marketing. While, The Apprentice did help propel Wright’s career and profile, it was Wright himself who is ultimately responsible for he and his many company’s successes through smart thinking, risk taking and hard work.

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