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Martin Thibeault Achieves Network Marketing Million Dollar Hall Of Fame

The saying, ‘time is money,’ is undoubtedly a worldwide truth. Your finances limit not only how much free time you have but also what you can do with it. Unfortunately, all too often it dictates what you can do for a living and how much of yourself you can expend on your passions. Though it’s rare to succeed, entrepreneurs, investors, and self-made leaders are among those bold enough to take their chances to achieve freedom. However, Martin Thibeault doesn’t think that it should be rare. He thinks everyone should be able to conquer their finances and find their freedom.

Martin spent most of his life being controlled by his finances while working hard as a carpenter, but by 2010, he’d had enough. He knew how to put in hard work, and he wanted his freedom, so he turned himself into a risk-taking entrepreneur with two brick-and-mortar stores. Success would not come so easily, however.

After two years of hard work, Martin watched those businesses fail. There were hard lessons to be learned that year, but Martin did something most in his shoes wouldn’t have. He adapted, and he picked himself up, and he tried again. For Martin, there was no way he was going back to how things had been before.

Overcoming his doubts (and a paralyzing fear of public speaking), Martin jumped into the world of network marketing. Born by Martin’s unique talents, his success was quick and surprising. Maybe it was the spirit of hard work he carried with him from his trade career, the tenacity of having failed before, or the bold necessity of fighting against his fears, but something about Martin’s approach set him apart.

Through network marketing, Martin achieved a passive income fueled by his talents and skills instead of just the grind of time. Martin was able to put as much of himself into his work as he wanted, achieving staggering growth and still having time to spend living. In his new life, he and his wife travel, exploring the world and loving their time.

Martin doesn’t think what he achieved is for him alone. When he looks at what he’s done, he sees a path anyone can follow as long as they’re ready to put in the work, take risks, and strive for success. Martin insists that breaking free and making your finances work for you is possible, and he wants to help.

With full control of how he spends his time, Martin decided to put his energy into mentorship and teaching. He wants to connect with people who are on the road he once travelled or who are ready to begin and give them some guidance. Martin believes that if more people knew about the possibilities of network marketing and knew how to get started and make their own way, there could be many more people living lives of freedom like he is.

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