Matthew Gwyer on the Importance of Helping His Community

Matthew Gwyer, a young artist in Maine, has been practicing his skills ever since he developed an interest in art from scrolling through images online for inspiration. He began as most artists do, drawing images on a piece of paper with a pencil. Soon that work would evolve, and so too did his skills.

Gwyer’s hobby quickly grew into a burning passion, and that passion grew while he attended the University of Southern Maine.

While not studying art specifically, Matthew Gwyer still found ways to keep his art a part of his life, using it as a means to relax between assignments.

During his studies, Matthew Gwyer enrolled in a studio drawing class that taught him valuable skills that he implements in his art today. Here he learned about the works of renowned artists like Dali, Van Gogh, and Vermeer. These great artists would act as inspiration for Matthew’s work. He would study their talents, gain inspiration, and work to find his style through his own work.

Since starting, Matthew Gwyer has had multiple pieces of work displayed in art galleries. On his website, he has managed to sell pieces of his work and continues to create new work all the time.

Although he loves art, Gwyer also has other passions – like helping the people around him. Since he was in high school, Matthew Gwyer has enjoyed giving back to his community.

“I’m always looking for more ways to interact with the community and do good in my community. You know, kind of give back,” says Matthew Gwyer.

Matthew Gwyer would volunteer with his local church’s teen ministry. He would participate in food drives and bake sales, and in autumn, when the leaves would fall, Matthew would visit the homes of elderly citizens and help clean up their yards.

Today Matthew Gwyer and his girlfriend are working on volunteering with a refuge league animal shelter in Portland. In a six-month program, Matthew Gwyer and his girlfriend would arrive at the animal shelter for two hours a week and help clean the animal stalls after the animals had been adopted. They both love dogs, and this would be a chance for them to do some good with furry friends.

That is just some of the work Gwyer does to help his community. He has expressed interest in wanting to do more, and so continues to work to make his community a better place.

“This is one of the big things that I’m focusing on currently,” says Matthew Gwyer. When not creating pieces of art, he finds new ways to help people. Matthew Gwyer is still trying to find ways to use his art to help his community. For more information about Matthew Gwyer’s work, or if you are interested in viewing his art, please visit the official website of Matthew Gwyer.

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