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Meet Jeff Ghandali: The man who gave a new voice to the industry

Who does not know Jeff Ghandali today, everyone knows that Jeff is a famous Hungary singer, he has given one hit song after another, but no one knows the story of Jeff’s past, so today we will tell you some unique things about Jeff. During a recent interview, Jeff shared some things about himself with us and he also gave answers to our questions. 

Q – Can you tell us something about your songs?

A – I have recently launched my four songs which are Mindset, Infinity, Multiverse, Reverse, and this song is related to my life. I have tried to show what I have learned from life through this song. 

Q – Tell us something about your family?

A – We are three people in my family, my mother, and my father, our family is very small and we belong to a middle-class family. My father runs a shop and my mother is a housewife. My family always supported me and believed in me always. My parents sacrificed many things for me and they have fought with people for me.

Q – How did you get so much interest in music?

A – When I was young, my father often used to tell me old songs of his time.  From there, I started getting interested in music and after that my hobby increased so much that the music was on my head. And I had decided in my childhood that I want to grow up to be a singer.

Q – Can you tell us something about your struggles?

A – My life has been a little different and struggling.  I used to live in a middle-class family where we had to think a lot about small things.  But the ghost of music that was riding on my head, I never let it go down. So I took music training very hard and fulfilled my dream.

Q – Have you ever thought that you would get so much love from the public?

A – I don’t feel that the public will give me so much love but as soon as my first song came out and when I saw people’s response, I was completely shocked. And seeing this love of the public, I made songs even further and the public gave a lot of love to all my songs. 

Q – What’s your secret to success?

A – There is no such secret.  I just had a dream in my childhood and I wanted to fulfill that dream for which I worked so hard and my mother and father also supported me completely.

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