Meet Nathan Delva: The Actor and NYFW Model

Nathan Delva is a promising actor and New York Fashion Week (NYFW) model from South Florida, but he grew up moving from state to state as his parents were divorced. The creative eventually found his way out to Los Angeles after college to fully pursue his dreams of being one of the top actors and models in the industry. Taking that leap of faith, even though many still doubted him, proved to be the best decision Nathan could’ve made.

Since being on the ground in LA, Nathan Delva has already generated quite the list of accomplishments, but always he’s working towards that next big opportunity. In the signing of nondisclosure agreements and such documents, Nathan can’t name many of the successful projects he has worked on, but he did say that “as of right now, New York Fashion Week is one of the biggest successful projects that I have endured at the moment.” Also, in the realm of modeling, he is currently an ambassador for NOVAMEN modeling and content creation.

Nathan has done a little bit of everything in his career, having starred in music videos and commercials as well. He’s been cast in music videos for prominent artists like Polo G, Nardo Wick, Nicky Minaj, Yung Bleu, and others, plus he starred in multiple run commercials. 

Heading into 2023, Nathan Delva plans to continue his upward trajectory to the top of his industry. He recently locked in a couple of major commercials that are set to air soon.

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