Friday, June 21, 2024

Meet The Young Sires: The Revolutionaries of Meta-Pop

Music is an ever-evolving landscape, filled with artists who dare to push the boundaries. Among these innovators are The Young Sires, a group of brothers from Spokane, Washington, who have pioneered a new genre they’ve coined as ‘Meta-Pop.’ Their innovative blend of Pop, Hip-Hop, K-pop, and Electronic / EDM music is reshaping the way we perceive and experience music.

Origins and Inspiration

The Young Sires found their footing in music at a young age. Drawing inspiration from groundbreaking artists such as K/DA, Blackpink, NCT-127, and Chase Atlantic, they sought to create a genre that reflected the diversity of their influences while retaining a unique, future-forward sound. This exploration led them to Meta-Pop.

Embracing Collaboration

While The Young Sires are incredibly involved in the creation of their music—writing, producing, mixing, and mastering their tracks—they also understand the power of collaboration. They’ve worked with artists like Cassie Marin in the past, and they’ve expressed a keen interest in collaborating with more artists, particularly from the K/J-Pop scene, to further expand and enrich their musical palette.

Overcoming Obstacles

As independent artists, The Young Sires have faced various challenges, ranging from financial constraints to the intricacies of making music without the backing of a large record label. Despite these hurdles, they’ve turned adversity into advantage, honing their skills to create music and visuals that rival those of big labels.

Looking to the Future

With a global vision, The Young Sires plan to introduce their unique Meta-Pop sound to audiences worldwide. They’re getting ready to tour, to reach new listeners and continue expanding the boundaries of music. Their aim is not only to perform but also to redefine the concert experience by integrating novel technologies and music elements into their shows.

Join the revolution with The Young Sires. Follow their journey on Instagram and tune in to their live streams every Sunday at 7pm PST, where you can witness the evolution of Meta-Pop firsthand.

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