Mike Graham to debut new series “Fried Vs Tapped” in November

US Military Veteran turned online influencer Mike Graham has officially announced the debut of his new show ‘Fried Vs Tapped.’ Michael Graham of Nashua NH is known for his viral videos on Instagram where he highlights to his 55k plus followers his very vocal thick Boston accident mother, his love for food, and his personal life as an activist fighting to protect LGTBQ+ people’s rights as a gay person himself.

‘Fried Vs Tapped’ is going to be a weekly podcast that will cover some of the craziest videos we see online today and is slated to be released exclusively on Instagram. Mike Graham will be joined by local comedian of Nashua, NH, Michael Bisson. Michael Bisson has been known to perform on stage in Manchester, NH. His role on the series will be serving as ‘Co-host,’ alongside Michael Graham of Nashua, NH. The series itself has been verified and listed on IMDB.com.

We reached out to Mike Graham for a comment, and this was his response; “I have a new show coming out soon that I developed a while back. The show will be more like a podcast, but in a way will be completely authentic and original. That is what we are looking for, is originality. This series will be exclusively on Instagram, so anyone that is looking forward to the new series ‘Fried Vs Tapped,’ you can locate it on my Instagram page. We really like the direction Instagram is going in, and we want to stick with that platform for the time being. Mike Bisson joining the series added so much more value to the show itself. We could not have asked for a better co-host; Mike Bisson is a true professional at his craft of being a comedian.” The series ‘Fried Vs Tapped’ is currently in production and is slated to be released by the end of this year. To check out more information on the series, visit Mike Grahams Instagram page @the_mikegraham.

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