Miles Prime Is A Hip Hop Artist On The Rise

When it comes to finding your ‘sound’ it’s anything but a walk in the park. It can take years, if not decades of hard work, but Miles Prime has found a way to fast track his progress. 

By remaining true to himself and staying thoughtful in his music creation process, Miles is now laser focused on building a music empire. 

Big named companies are catching onto Miles progression as well. On Spotify, Miles is a verified artist with hundreds of thousands of streams with his very own Miles Prime Radio. 

His brand new release CONFRONTATION 101 was released on November 25th, 2021 has some high-energy, dope rhyme schemes & clean production that makes you want to keep the song playing all day. 

There’s no chance that Miles will not be successful in the music industry, his business mindset, hunger, and drive to create great music & his optimistic attitude will take him further than 99% of artists. 

Make sure to tune into Miles Prime and be a part of his growth before he’s a household name in homes all over the world. 

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