Morlyfe’s New Song, “Aizo”, Blends Rap With Ethiopian Elements

Morlyfe is quickly becoming a household name in the US music scene. The fast-rising singer and songwriter, who has been in the industry for over a year, wrote and released some top tracks, including “Purple Luv” and “Angel”. Morlyfe has been featured in the prestigious LA Weekly and 24 HipHop, one of the top rap news outlets in the US. He was also featured in the big Ethiopian market, where many praised his sound. Most recently, Morlyfe announced the release of his new song, “Aizo

This will be Morlyfe’s third song since his debut. “Aizo” blends rap with Ethiopian elements, bringing a fresh new vibe to rap. According to Morlyfe, one of his goals with his new song “Aizo” is to introduce Ethiopian music to the world. He has added a little bit of modern rap, helping him deliver the intended message.

Like his other songs, “Aizo” has the purpose of spreading love and positivity. Morlyfe has taken a unique approach in writing his music as a rap artist, and instead of focusing on drugs, money, and crime, he uses his music to speak to young people. He is sharing his story through music and showing young people that they have the power to create change. He also uses his brand to spread awareness on issues affecting immigrants and Ethiopian citizens.

Morlyfe is a first-generation immigrant. The young singer was born and raised in the US by Ethiopian immigrant parents. But he has also lived in Ethiopia, an experience he says opened his eyes to the harsh realities of the world. Ethiopia is a developing country, and the poverty rate is much higher than first world countries. Having lived in the area for years, he saw how people struggled to make ends meet and some young people were forced to drop out of school due to lack of money. Morlyfe is using his platform to raise awareness about poverty as he brings positive change to the country.

He shares his experiences through music to support other young Ethiopian artists. The global music industry can be challenging to break into. Competition is tough, and coming from a developing country, you will need much more, says Morlyfe. But it doesn’t mean that it is impossible. Morlyfe walked this path, and through hard work and dedication, he managed to cement his spot in the field. He is showing his listeners that they can also overcome obstacles and get to their dreams.

You just need to believe in yourself and not give up. Morlyfe also adds the need to surround yourself with like-minded individuals. When he discovered his passion for music, he started investing in it. He draws inspiration from legendary Ethiopian artists Hirut Bekele and Kuku Sebsibe, who he was fortunate to find early on. He says that the two have been instrumental in his journey and finding his sound. At 20, Morlyfe is an unstoppable influence with a thriving music career attracting massive attention. He already had his first show and has performed at several events in the US, including different university concerts. Morlyfe also performed in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. But Morlyfe’s journey is far from over as he hopes to continue releasing new music and change how people view rap. To stream his newest release, “Aizo,” visit Spotify or Soundcloud.

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