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Morocania: “Building A Following On Social Media Is Everything If You Are Looking To Succeed In The Music Industry”

Today we connect with upcoming DJ and music artist “Morocania”. There’s no secret that social media connects fans with their favorite artists. Since it’s an online platform, fans can freely air their views and comments and share the content within their networks. Artists can as well connect with their fans directly using their handles. Social media is one of the influential assets artists use to develop and strengthen interaction with their fanbases.

Therefore, it’s essential to learn how to boost your presence in the social space, promote your brand, boost your engagement with fans and increase your social media followers. It is therefore vital to have a social media strategy in place.

A solid social media presence will enable you to promote your music, engage with fans and analyze the tastes and preferences of your audience. The social handles also offer platforms with analytical tools that will help track your engagement with your audience. In addition, features such as google analytics and StatCounter are helpful when tracking likes, shares, comments, and current trends. This information can help you sell yourself to future investors and promoters.

It’s an essential requirement to have a social media handle. However, the backlog of work remains on keeping the handles alive. As such regular posting and updating to remain active is essential. Posting regularly ensures that you keep your audience engaged and eager for more. Moreover, it ensures that you remain relevant and connected with your clients.

You can also schedule your posts in advance, enabling you to keep in touch with your audience even when you are not online all day. It creates awareness in your audience when you are about to publish a vital message keeping them in the loop. It makes it vivid on the time and date of the scheduled post.

Morocania knows most artists use different names to their official names on their passports, many people find it easier to search using your artistic name. It is therefore essential to consider such information while building your handle to have it clean and optimize your profile. Additionally, you can add links for your audience to find your new release easily while at the same time adding tags to remain at the top of the chats.

Interacting with fans is an essential requirement. It not only shows how much you value them but as well shows them that you care. To satisfy your audience and feel appreciated, you can share some comments, contribute to the discussion and respond to some of the comments you are tagged in to keep the conversation going.

Communication is two-way traffic. It’s not all about posting and waiting for your clients to comment and share. You can as well repost and retweet content posted by your fans. It will not only strengthen the trust with your audience but also make fans excited to feel their content appreciated by their role model.

Social media is a broad platform with numerous ways to penetrate and make an impact. The above ways are just guidelines, but there are numerous other ways to use the vast platform. Just be as creative and never limit yourself to anything. Take the initiative and use the free platform to monetize and expand your fan base.

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