Mother-Daughter Duo Found “It’s OVER. End Discrimination NOW.” Movement

A mother-daughter team has launched a new movement called “It’s OVER. End discrimination NOW.” The movement aims to push back against the proliferation of discriminatory narratives, spread awareness of discrimination’s role in society, and drive change through legislative and policy reforms. Motivated by their personal history and belief that everyone deserves equal opportunities to find success and happiness, the mother-daughter team of Kira Ayla and Tamara Friedman have begun to tell their stories and organize for change.

Kira Ayla suffered from discrimination-driven bullying in her youth, which was common in her community and school. This was sharpened by the favoritism shown to others. Kira watched as opportunities were taken from her and given to others. With her musical talent, she took to classical violin and used her frustration to drive a creative energy. This led her to train with a renowned instructor from the famed Julliard School of Music, which Kira herself aspired to attend.

This aspiration, however, would go unrealized. The traumas of enduring discrimination throughout one’s youth are manifold and compounding, and they do not ease with age. As Kira watched her dreams of a formal music education fade, she observed that her mother endured similar discrimination.

Tamara Friedman, like her daughter, is full of passion and dreams. Tamara is a cook and a singer who should’ve had a life full of these pursuits, but oppression repeatedly drove her from her dreams. The last thing a mother wants to share with her daughter is a life impacted by discriminatory attitudes and all the personal and professional struggles it brings. Unfortunately, the world around these two is deeply flawed, and they were forced to share a narrative of frustration and strife.

With all the energy they would’ve preferred to give to their creative dreams, Kira and Tamara have instead risen together to form, “It’s OVER. End Discrimination NOW.” The name of the movement makes its goals unmistakable. Together, they are telling their stories and spreading awareness of the effect that discrimination has on their communities and the larger world.

Kira and Tamara have seen first-hand the damage that ongoing discrimination can do across generations. Kira’s youth was troubled by harsh and smothering policies, relationships that should’ve been constructive, and personal biases that damaged nurturing. Tamara’s adult life has been a story of sexual discrimination and inequality, her dreams locked away from her because of her identity, regardless of any skill, passion, or talent.

They hope the movement will address these and other problems at the social community level, policy, and legislation. Their advocacy takes multiple forms. They want to help those suffering from discrimination identify it for what it is and find strategies to escape damaging environments while creating new opportunities. They also want to see policies and laws change so that victims are protected, abusers are held accountable, and opportunities for success are available to all.

The impact of “It’s OVER. End Discrimination NOW.” will evolve as Kira and Tamara’s stories become known, and their aspirations for the movement proceed. The world certainly needs more voices speaking truth like this, and the message will surely resonate with all those suffering from similar situations.

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