Musician L-Easy Builds an Unstoppable Career By Supporting Promising New Talent

Establishing a successful career in the music industry is one of the most challenging journeys according to L-Easy. The industry has changed dramatically over the years, and you need more than just talent to break through to find success.

Nigeria is Africa’s second most prosperous country. Rising fast in the Port-Harcourt musical scene is L-Easy. L-Easy, formally known as Lucky Obibi Oghnechawuko, is a singer, musical producer, and seasoned digital entrepreneur with over six years of experience in the music industry. He is widely known for working and supporting several underground and top talents in the music industry. He is the founder of L-Easy Music Worldwide, a record label that he owns and uses as a platform for launching the careers of the young talents in need of an opportunity just like he did.

L-Easy grew up listening to RnB and hip-hop but was more thrilled by rap. Such sounds drew him closer to the music scene and he drew inspiration from some of the most prominent names in the game, like DJ Khaled, JayZ, and Pharell. Such musical backgrounds influenced his current music sound, a fusion of classic hip-hop, RnB, and Afrobeat.

His new project, ‘The Maturation’, reflects his unique blend of sounds that cuts across numerous genres beyond any geographical limitations. The album features various artists from Nigeria, Jamaica, and America who nourish the verse’s flow and hooks so well across the ten tracks. He plays the Khaled role in the tracks bringing together different sonic genres to create a body of work that offers much to listeners. The artists’ voices blend beautifully despite their varied musical approaches, all adding flavour to the tracks.

Working with varied artists worldwide is his unique way of closing the gap in society. The world is in desperate need of unity amid the rising ethnic and racial tensions that may fuel divisions. Nigeria is not left out of these tensions, and he believes that music is the only way to impact the world positively. Listening to the records will not give you any religious, racial, or ethnic vibe but a universal language regardless of your geographical location.

Aside from the album, L-Easy also helps other upcoming artists to realize their full potential in music. He has dedicated the L-Easy Music label to supporting any promising new talent in need of help. He provides artists with recording deals, brand promotions, A&R, and music marketing services. He is more than delighted to be able to offer someone talented an opportunity. Hitboy-Kellz and Highlife Soes are two of the young talents already signed under the label. The two are highly talented with unique abilities, both aiming for success in the music industry. Hitboy-Kellz, a gifted singer, songwriter, and producer, has already released his debut track, ‘Confused,’ a track doing exceptionally well.

The current signers of the label remind L-Easy of his own music journey, especially in the early days of his career. He came from a hard background with only a dream and only needed support to actualize his vision. Being able to help new talents and watch them grow gives him an sense of fulfillment.

The future is bright for L-easy as he is promising more music and collaborations moving forward.

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