Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Neddie Smith: A UK Hiphop Artist You Need To Know

A music career is hard nowadays but not when you have the preparation like Neddie Smith. Neddie Smith is a musician from the United Kingdom who has chosen this path but seems to be ready for what’s to come. 

Starting out, Neddie Smith grew up in the foster care system which led to many stressful times. To escape from this Neddie found his hope in music. He listened to Grunge and Hiphop which later inspired him to begin on his own journey. He knew it would be no easy task however, due to the smaller music scene in the UK. Regardless of this Neddie Smith knew he had the talent to make it which came from his upbringing.

Neddie Smith is inspired by artists like Juice Wrld, and also pop artists like Justin Bieber. This wide range of style can be heard in his most recent songs and so far, has been the reason for his success. His recent single which has done over 13k streams is proof of this

Fans continue to support Neddie not only because of his diverse style, but because of his story as well. Many can relate to an underdog story and that’s exactly what the young UK artist brings to the table. He currently has big plans for 2023 and it will be interesting to see what Neddie Smith does next.

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