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Nitsa Nakos’ Guiding Principles For Conscious Leadership

Nitsa Nakos has built an inspiring career as an entrepreneur, network marketing professional, real estate investor, business investor, trainer, mentor, public speaker, humanitarian and visionary. As the founder of the highly successful Synergy network marketing brand, which she led for 25 years, Nakos has mentored and guided hundreds of thousands of people and helped thousands achieve financial freedom. Driven by her mission and purpose as a visionary, she wants to change the world by building the new.

In contrast to the business world’s traditional focus on power, control, greed, and competitiveness, Nakos believes conscious leadership succeeds through a road less traveled – one paved with the celebration of others’ successes, collaboration over competition, generosity over greed, and harnessing real power from within rather than over others. As she sees it, we are born to find and pursue what lights our soul on fire and then share that spark with the world.

Nakos believes true freedom starts from within. It’s about harnessing your power to live an inspired, purposeful life rather than one by default. In her view, we either live an intentional life or one dictated by circumstance. The conscious leader empowers people to be the “chooser” rather than just going along with the choices in front of them. Ultimately, inspiring others happens not through words alone but by embodying your vibe through your behavior and helping to create a better world around you.

For too long, Nakos feels society has operated in a way where the status of leaders matters far more than the growth of those they lead. This exclusive, top-down attitude has shaped much of society’s problems – from politics and business to the environment and family dynamics within the home. Thankfully, the demand for truly effective leadership is changing what qualities leaders need today. Beyond intelligence and competence, today’s leaders require empathy, inclusiveness, vulnerability, and even love. They actively guide the growth of those around them rather than focusing solely on themselves.

According to Nakos, Conscious leadership means leading with self-awareness and cultivating growth by supporting the people that make up an organization. Instead of an ego-centric mindset, the conscious leader works from an inclusive “we” mentality rather than an exclusive “me” approach. For Nakos, this all comes down to legacy – how much does a leader care about helping their people grow as individuals and professionals to achieve more than the leader ever did themselves? Leadership styles may vary, but conscious leadership represents a binary shift – either you adopt a conscious mindset as a leader, or you operate unconsciously without regard for the human element.

Conscious leaders like Nakos have mastered self-awareness and mindfulness, enabling them to regulate emotions and avoid knee-jerk reactions. They take ownership of mistakes instead of defending themselves. They invite feedback to improve rather than pretending to have all the answers. Their decisions aim to unify rather than divide. By contrast, unconscious leaders ignore or fail to control emotions. They dismiss feedback and make unilateral decisions that often benefit themselves, no matter who gets hurt.

For Nitsa Nakos, success means leading fulfilled teams that feel valued and produce great work. That leads to positive business outcomes like higher retention, referrals, and profits. But it starts with an inside-out mindset focused on developing people holistically. After decades of mentoring thousands, Nakos believes that conscious leadership works when organizations support employees’ personal growth as much as corporate growth. Her principles offer a roadmap for leaders ready to elevate how they see, support, and inspire their people.

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