Saturday, July 13, 2024

North Carolina Artist NemRaps & His Group NerdOut Are Changing The Game

From Charlotte, North Carolina comes music’s newest resident geek, NemRaps. NemRaps is a hip-hop artist, YouTuber, and content creator whose attention to detail and tenacity for connecting with fans has taken his music global. He currently raps as the leading member of nerdcore rap group NerdOut, who’ve been taking the internet by storm with their weekly releases.

A true fanatic of hip-hop, NemRaps grew up studying legendary rappers like DMX and LL Cool J. His love for their music inspired his own work, from wordplay to cadence as he began to build his catalog as an artist. As he developed his sound, NemRaps found family in the nerdcore rap community alongside fellow collaborators in the niche genre such as Cam Steady, DizzyEight, and Dan Bull. As a member of the group NerdOut, NemRaps has been spreading his name even further by releasing weekly tracks with the pop band. His latest release “Voice With No Name” is just one of many great 2022 releases from the North Carolina artist, and he plans to spend the rest of the year satisfying fans with more music from NerdOut as well as solo releases. 

Listen to NemRaps on Spotify now and follow the Charlotte rapper on Instagram for updates on new music!

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