OG DosEquis and the Success of His Artist Showcase Platform Session 9

OG DosEquis is a Birmingham, AL native who now resides in Atlanta, GA. OG has been breaking barriers producing musical art while being the visionary mastermind executing artists’ visions for over ten years. The triple threat music producer, pianist, and engineer specializes in live musical arrangements and performances. In 2019 he launched Session 9, a musical platform showcasing live performances. These performances are a combination of music production, film production, photography, audio engineering, artist development, marketing and promo, and bringing artists’ and creatives’ ideas to life.

In a personal interview, OG revealed the motivation and lessons behind his success. He spoke to the main challenges he has overcome, “[first], playing many different roles at once. Entrepreneurs have to wear every hat in the business before you can actually delegate that responsibility to somebody else. You have to go from being the “talent” to being the manager, assistant, accountant, marketing manager, sales rep, etc. Another challenge is actually trusting somebody to be able to administer those different roles. Your business is like your baby. You don’t just trust everybody with your child. Fortunately, my team are some of the most trustworthy people I’ve had the pleasure to be around, but that definitely took time to build.”

OG added some advice for young entrepreneurs. He stated, “be dedicated and consistent to making your dreams come true. It’s going to get hard before it gets better. Become a student. You don’t know it all, and you can always learn from someone, especially learn from their mistakes. It’s a marathon, not a race.”

This dedication and consistency is what has gained OG DosEquis and Session 9 the opportunity to produce for artists such as Kevin Gates and June the Jenius. They have also showcased their talent in front of producers like LA Reid and BabyFace. OG closed by speaking to what separates him from the competition, “I’m so confident in my abilities it’s never a competition. I am myself, and I’m not in competition with the next guy. I would rather work together than compete.” A mentality that will carry Session 9 to immense success in the near future.

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Luke Bergner
Luke Bergner
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