HotBoy Finn Offers Up Fire New Single “Ice Me Out”

Recently making the switch to taking his career more seriously, HotBoy Finn is a Chicago-based hip-hop artist looking to earn his spot in the music industry. With a laundry list of projects in the works, HotBoy Finn is setting himself up for an illustrious run in 2021. As anticipation builds around the young artist, he decided to drop a new single titled “Ice Me Out.”

“Ice Me Out” has a dynamic beat with hard-hitting 808s intertwined and features the unique lyricism that HotBoy Finn brings to the table. Finn discusses how he no longer checks the price and is focused on being iced out. He knows that his imagery comes at a price, and he is willing to pay no matter the cost.

“Ice Me Out” is a preview of what is to come from HotBoy Finn in the near future. Stay tuned as he continues to drop hits all 2021.

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Stream “Ice Me Out” on Spotify here.

Luke Bergner
Luke Bergner
Luke Bergner is a journalist and public relations specialist.

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