Otis Glasgow & NxT LvL Advertising Are Helping Brands Get Exposure Online

One of the most challenging aspects of being an independent musician is finding resources to push your music. Artists will spend a large portion of their budget in the actual creation of the music, but don’t always know where to go beyond that. With over 60,000 new tracks dropping everyday on streaming platforms, it is vital that an artist markets themselves, otherwise they could be just another creator among the noise.

With the saturation of the music industry, it has never been more important for an artist to push their music. Otis Glasgow, the founder of NxT LvL Advertising, knows this. Otis first stepped into the music industry as a talent manager for a few upcoming artists out of LA. After managing artists didn’t go exactly the way he had hoped for, Glasgow knew he wanted to stay in the music industry in some way. He founded NxT LvL Advertising to help artists market their music through social media as on platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, TikTok, Facebook, and more. “I originally started managing a few small artists out of LA, but when that went south I knew I enjoyed working in the music industry and helping smaller artists market themselves properly,” explains Glasgow. “So I finally created the company and we started receiving our first clients within months.”

NxT Lvl Advertising is striking to change the way all artists market themselves. The ad agency creates ads and puts it in front of the people most likely to engage with the content. “As a creator, you shouldn’t have to worry about anything besides creating your best content,” said Glasgow. “By working with us, you create and we make sure your content will be put in front of those that will appreciate it. And beyond that, we show you how to leverage your fanbase in new ways. While other artists are waiting to be paid for streams, we show our clients how they can monetize every single fan that they acquire through our campaigns.”

The company has reported helping clients reach nearly a million different engagements, with over 600,000 of those engagements coming from Youtube. “As we strive to reach more people and acquire more dedicated and quality artists, I’d say the biggest success we’ve had is reaching such a large amount of people in such a short time,” said Glasgow. “The company will be 1 year old in September of this year.”

While the company’s date of inception was less than a year ago, NxT LvL Advertising is making strides to turn the heat up in 2021. Otis Glasgow sees his company becoming a household name in the music industry. “In the next 5 years I see myself having a client base of 25 plus artists, and I see NxT LvL Advertising being a household name when it comes to artists marketing themselves.”

For more info on Otis Glasgow & NxT LvL Advertising, refer to the links below:

Contact email: nxtlvladverstising@gmail.com

Website: nxtlvladvertising.com

Otis Glasgow’s Instagram: @o_boat

Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson, also known as his stage name Trust’n, has become deeply rooted in the world of Marketing and PR in recent years. After marketing his own hip-hop album Lapse to #12 on the iTunes charts, as well as becoming the youngest member of the Forbes Communications Council, Anderson founded his own company to provide artists, entrepreneurs, and businesses the same services he had to scratch and claw to find himself. At the young age of 22, he is currently making major contributions to help people around the world flourish in the global economy.

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