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Pedacitos Blog Helps Business Owners Connect with Customers Through the Art of Storytelling

What is a story? Some may think it’s just an account of events, and others may think of books or movies where a particular character must solve the conflict presented to them as part of the plot that keeps the reader or spectator entertained.

But stories are much more than ink on pages or actors on film. Stories are all around us, forming part of us, our community, and our culture. We all have a story and form part of someone else’s.

Whether we are the main character, have a supporting role in the stories of others, or we’re an extra in our community’s story, one thing is sure. Our stories are meant to be told.

Stories don’t just have the power to entertain us. They move us into action, engage us and catch our attention, and allow us to learn from the experiences of others. A good story can evoke emotion, and if we dig deep enough into the stories surrounding us, we can find common ground that connects us to the world around us.

It’s no wonder that storytelling is a significant part of our lives. The fairytales we are told as children, the tall tales we tell to impress our friends, the family secrets passed down for generations, and the tales of perseverance that encourage us to be better – these stories are what shape our ideas, our beliefs and are ultimately what lead our decisions.

Michael Acevedo, the founder of Pedacitos Blog, knows all too well how the power of storytelling can shape us. With his experiences as a Disney Imagineer and traveling around the globe looking for stories that put the pieces of culture together, Acevedo has seen firsthand how important stories are and how one person’s story brings incomparable depth into our experiences in faraway lands or in our very own back yard. 

With Pedacitos Blog, Acevedo harnesses the superpower of storytelling to amplify the voices of small culture-sharing local businesses by telling their stories – one pedacito (Spanish for “small piece”) at a time. Each individual story profoundly contributes to the collective success of each business, from the food truck around the corner to the artisanal coffee shop down the street or the barber shop further down the block.

As a business owner, your story matters. It’s what your customers will connect with and what encourages them to give you a chance. Pedacitos Blog shows the world that your business is more than just a five-star review or good recommendation. It’s a place built on a story, where connections will turn into more stories, family traditions will emerge, and fond memories will become edged in the customer’s mind.

Pedacitos Blog is not just another blog. Through the power of storytelling, Pedacitos is changing how we look at the rich culture surrounding us and shedding some light on the stories shaping our community. Pedacitos Blog gives you the platform to showcase more than your business. It gives you the opportunity to tell your story. For more information on how to have your story featured on Pedacitos Blog or to find a story that will inspire you, visit

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