Pests in Cali? What to Look Out For

Do you have a pest on your property? California wildfires displace thousands of animals each year. As a result, we have more critters than most. Here are the signs an unwelcome visitor has set up shop on your property.

Nobody wants a pest infestation. But it can ruin your home. In the worst cases, termites, bed bugs, rats, and roaches have forced residents from their homes. Infestations might be preventable, but once they take root, they take a long time to shift if you have a pest problem in your Cali home. Here is how you can recognize them and what you can do about them.

What types of pests are in California?

California homes and businesses suffer some interesting pests, with most being of the insect variety. According to Pest Control experts, you should look out for the following problems:

  • Ants – ants are a huge problem throughout America. Anywhere you drop food, an ant is sure to follow. They leave trails throughout your home and spread germs everywhere along it.
  • Termites – a termite infestation will eat away at the foundations of your home. Once the wooden structures turn to dust, your house could fall in.
  • Cockroaches – the world suffers a plague of roaches every year. These hardy creatures might be the only thing on earth that survives a nuclear winter. But, unfortunately, they are hard to get rid of once they are inside.
  • Rats and mice – rodents are a widespread problem across the known world. California’s rodent problem might not be as bad as what happens in Australia every year, but you don’t want rats or mice running riot in your home.
  • Earwigs, millipedes, silverfish, wasps, bees, and other insects.

With all these pests commonly found in the state, how do you know when you have an infestation?

Signs of an Infestation

Signs of an infestation include droppings, smears on the walls, and nesting areas. For insects, the symptoms are harder to spot. If you see two or three bugs throughout the day, you can guarantee that there are another few hundred hiding out of sight. When you see them all over your house daily, you know you have an infestation problem.

Chewed wires, holes in the woodwork or brickwork, and nests can indicate a pest problem. It is essential to intervene while it is still a mild problem before it becomes an infestation.

What to do if your home is infested?

If your California home becomes infested with any of the above pests, you should try to eliminate them using humane traps. Humane traps allow you to capture the rodent and release it elsewhere. In addition, there are bug traps of a similar nature, although usually, bug traps are fatal. If you cannot eliminate your infestation, it is time to call in the big guns. First, find a pest control company near you that can remove your infestation. Look for one that promises a safe, effective treatment in a single visit. Multiple visits may be better for you if the infestation is out of control.

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