Promoting Employee Engagement from the Bottom Up with the tactics of an Exceptional Entrepreneur

One of the most important indicators of job satisfaction is employee engagement as employees today want to be involved in their work in order to enhance their skillset and productivity. Being enthusiastic about the organization for which they work, employees want to have a sense of belongingness, and flexibility in scheduling, and preferred workspace location. According to the most recent Global Human Capital Trends survey, 79% of respondents believed that fostering a sense of belonging in the workplace is critical for organization’s success in the next 12-18 months and according to 93% of respondents, a sense of belongingness is also important for enhanced organizational performance.

Even though employee engagement is viewed positively throughout the company, but majority of employees are also observed disengaged at work. In 2021, the percentage of engaged workers in the United States fell for the first time in more than a decade. Just over one-third of employees (34%) were engaged in their work and workplace, while 16% were actively disengaged.

An engaged employee respects and embraces the organization and its values, whereas, a disengaged employee can range from someone doing the bare minimum at work (aka ‘coasting’) to an employee actively harming the company’s work output and reputation. Undoubtedly, employees are the heart and soul of any business, large or small, and they are the ones who carry out the daily activities that keep the business operations running which gives them an excellent opportunity to know how the business operations can be improved and optimized due to their in-depth familiarity with the processes in the organization. Relating to this inspirational fact, Amit Kochavi, the 25-year-old CEO of, created software that allows field workers in traditional industries to send optimization initiatives and proposals to the organization’s management for its operational betterment.

Born on December 10, 1997, Amit Kochavi is an Israeli entrepreneur who worked hard from the mere age of sixteen and became successful in his first business venture, a social networking app called GroopMeUp. Kochavi is a descendant of the Max Factor Family, the Heyman Family, and the Glaser Kochavi Family, all of which are notable wealthy families with roots in the United States and Israel. Doron Kochavi and Tamar Glaser Kochavi are his parents, while Shir Kochavi is his only sibling. Max Factor Sr., the founder of cosmetics conglomerate Max Factor & Company, is Amit Kochavi’s maternal great-grandfather, and David M. Heyman is his paternal great-grandfather, which makes Kochavi the fourth generation in business from his father’s side and the fifth generation from his mother’s side.

According to Kochavi, in workplaces with hundreds of thousands of employees, the lack of effective communication between management and employees makes the managerial authorities stay unaware of what is happening on the ground, such as in case of stores, company branches, or construction sites. This is what hopes to change by allowing employees in the field to share their insights, initiatives, and ideas for optimization and savings with management.

“Lately, we’ve heard a lot about efficiency in the industry, but for some reason, it’s always associated with mass layoffs,” said Kochavi. “However, efficiency is also an investment in new growth directions for the organization, such as through employee training, which will help them realize their inherent potential and push their workplace forward a few steps.”

Kochavi has tried to make the functional procedure of as simple as possible by keeping its features easy such that the employees enter what they want to share in the application, and can deliver within seconds to the appropriate address, such as human resources, procurement, or safety, or even to all employees. This platform is an important tool that allows management to save money while also increasing employee involvement, safety at work, and other factors.

Besides, Kochavi is also in charge of the operational and financial aspects of his family’s real estate, stock market, and private investment businesses (including Neurosteer Inc., a brain-health startup, which has successfully developed a solution, designed for early detection, and effective treatment for a variety of neurological disorders). Kochavi serves on the board of The Buchman Heyman Foundation, one of his family’s charitable endeavors. Being a Tel Aviv-based 25-year-old entrepreneur, Amit Kochavi is a philanthropist, and real estate/tech investor, who couldn’t wait until after his military service to get a foothold in Israel’s thriving startup ecosystem. So, he decided to take an unusual approach, creating and launching to assist employees worldwide, and without any doubt, he has splendidly thrived in his venture.

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