Ralan Styles Is A Viral Sensation

A new generation of artists are starting to take center stage and are reinventing the way people make music. These young talents are using social media platforms to get their music out to the world and are showing big results. This can be seen in 20 year old artist Ralan Styles who has recently been causing a buzz in the music industry for his viral hit “Baby Shark.” Ralan Styles is a talented young artist who used the popular social media platform TikTok to get his music out to a larger audience. He released his viral hit “Baby Shark” and used TikTok and other social media to promote its release. Within 3 weeks, the song had over 10 million views on TikTok alone. 

Now, this type of quick fame does not come to just anyone. Ralan Styles may be young, but he knows how to make quality music. Ralan Styles began recording his own music in 2019 and has been hard at work since working on honing in his crafts as well as creating a social media friendly style. His hard work has paid off as Ralan Styles has shown he has raw talent for music and a true gift for creating catchy hooks. The sky’s the limit for this young artist who is just getting started. 

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