DTR Flippa Does It For His Fans

Antonio Blackshear III, known to his fans as DTR Flippa, is a talented artist based out of Akron, Ohio. Growing up DTR Flippa was always a rapper. He used to watch MTV videos everyday when he woke up to make sure he never missed out on new music. DTR Flippa would rap around the house as he was growing up, always able to keep a beat. DTR Flippa has always had a strong connection to music and has used it as his therapy for as long as he can remember. DTR Flippa recently gotreleased from prison in December of 2021. Since he has been home he has dedicated his life to his music. He dropped an EP last year titled “SirFlippalot” right before he went to prison. In his music DTR Flippa makes sure to be his authentic self. He tells people about his life and hopes to be a type of therapy for other people who go through similar things. 

DTR Flippa is now using his experiences to make a difference in the lives of others. He is continuing to add to his collection of hits with his upcoming work. He is working on the release of a new EP titled “Back For Blood” coming September 14th, 2022. He is turning 24 on September 14th which will be his official release date. He also is working on releasing new visuals coming out on Youtube soon. In these new projects he will be able to explain the struggles he has been going through while being in jail, and what life was like coming out. He hopes that his listeners will hear his music and leave feeling a connection to someone they have never even met strictly through the emotions they feel.  

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