Real Estate Investor, Author and Mentor: Black Jew Wealth Coach

Introducing Brandon Gardner, also known as the Black Jew Wealth Coach, a highly accomplished real estate investor and entrepreneur based in Philadelphia, PA. Brandon has made significant strides in building a rapidly expanding portfolio, while also serving as a wealth coach, guiding numerous individuals in establishing strong personal and business credit and imparting valuable knowledge about the potential of real estate. His ultimate aim is to educate and empower young people, as well as individuals of all ages, on the subject of financial literacy.

Brandon’s entrepreneurial journey began at a tender age. At just 13 years old, he embarked on a candy business during his high school years. Through sheer determination and hard work, the business flourished, growing to include a team of ten employees and generating a daily profit of several hundred dollars. This early taste of success ignited Brandon’s passion for entrepreneurship. By the time he turned 18, he had acquired his first rental property, and two years later, he purchased a cleaning company, transforming it into a thriving enterprise.

Nevertheless, Brandon’s path was not without obstacles. In 2012, he faced a setback when he received a ten-year prison sentence, leading to the loss of all his flagship real estate properties. Upon his release, he found himself starting from scratch, working as an Uber driver to make ends meet while remaining on parole. Despite these formidable challenges, Brandon displayed unwavering perseverance, rebuilding his brand and businesses from the ground up.

One of Brandon’s most notable achievements is becoming a published author. His book, titled “How to Rob the Bank Legally,” has gained wide distribution, and he is currently working on his second book. His primary focus lies in educating young people about investing in businesses and establishing sound credit, equipping them with the tools to overcome many of the financial struggles that afflict previous generations.

Brandon has also collaborated with several prominent individuals, including Workout the Landlord, Marcus Black from Love and Hip Hop, and Keznamdi. Nevertheless, his greatest source of inspiration stems from Robert Kiyosaki, the renowned author of the best-selling book “Rich Dad Poor Dad.” Brandon aspires to collaborate with both Robert Kiyosaki and Steve Stoute in the future, further fueling his ambitions.

With his sights set on building a nationwide real estate portfolio and empowering individuals, Brandon serves as a true inspiration to many.






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