Roger Kurian explains how faith helped him improve his life and career

Roger Kurian spent a lot of his time building his career and working on providing for his family and improving his life. When he experienced a life-changing event, Roger Kurian fell to his lowest point emotionally and mentally, yet was able to overcome it thanks to his supporting family and his new perspective on life thanks to God. We spoke with Roger Kurian to learn more about that difficult time in his life, how he overcame it, and started leading a life dedicated to serving God and his family.

“I have a passion for God. The passion to do good. The passion to be a good person,” says Roger Kurian. From starting in India after completing his undergraduate degree to moving to the United States to complete his master’s degree, Roger Kurian spent the majority of his life working hard to create the career he wanted.

However, Roger Kurian faced a problem, which forced him to reevaluate his life, his goals, and his perspective. Roger Kurian says, “I had a huge turning point in my life in 2020, which brought me into the situation I am in today. But it has given me a whole different perspective on my life. And as bad as the situation was, I’m really thankful that this happened to me because I have such a beautiful perspective on life. It has opened my eyes to look at so many different avenues that I hadn’t looked at.”

Through this experience, Roger Kurian’s life started to change. He realized that his take on life needed to change. He began to focus on serving God as well as others, starting with his family. “I have a passion to help people in need, volunteering for organizations that need my help, being there as a rock for my kids and my family, taking care of my old and retired parents, in-laws and my grandmother, to calling up people and checking in on them and being there for them. My main passion, however, is to really love and serve God, the Lord. In fact I am about 90% done with the process of becoming a pastor in a ministry,” says Roger Kurian.

Since then, Roger Kurian has spent a lot of his time focused on serving God and his family, but also he has begun to take the time to notice the things he wouldn’t have always noticed before. He says, “I  have learned to value so many things. I have learned to take a moment and enjoy fresh air to look at the birds, to look at the sunrise and sunset and to spend as much time as I have with my kids.”

When he was called to serve God, Roger Kurian noticed that his main change was in his perspective and priorities in life. “I always believed in being a leader that is motivated by his actions, and while those actions in the past were work-related. Today, those actions are very spiritually geared and very godly. God is my everything, he is my path, and he’s always been there for me in my hardest times. I cannot be thankful enough to him for everything that he has got me out of,” says Roger Kurian.

With this new perspective, Roger Kurian is excited to become a more active participant in his community and continue to serve God to the fullest. Roger Kurian says, “That’s where my passion lies now, in serving God, serving my family, being there for people who need me, and doing anything I can do to make society and the world a better place. That’s where my heart is now.”

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