MvkeyyJ Pops Up At Dallas Hip-Hop Festival

Nationally recognized Hip-Hop artist MvkeyyJ just recently popped out at GFTD Summer Fest ‘22. Hosted by Jwoodz and Mic-B, this Dallas-Fort Worth based festival saw performances from artists like Christian Aparicio, A3, Deon, and many more. Mikey’s set, in particular, shut the house down. From his stellar stage presence, to his velvet durag, to his meticulously crafted outfit, it was evident that MvkeyyJ was there to make a statement. He performed many hit songs from his catalog like “top down” and “i’m back”. He even debuted new music and hinted at possible collaborations with key artists in the near future. Mikey says that he’s ready for whatever is next for him, and based on his astonishing performance, we believe he is about to blow up. We can’t wait to see what MvkeyyJ does, so make sure to follow his journey so you don’t miss out on the come up!

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