Sean Mac is Defying Limits on His Way to the Top

Sean Mac had an illustrious 2020 with the release of his EP titled “IN MY HEAD,” as well as two other notable singles. Between the project and the two solo drops, Sean Mac racked in over 250,000 streams during the first few months of release.

Currently, Sean is in the process of topping the EP with his first full-length album that is set to release in the later part of 2021. In the project, Mac plans to give his fans and listeners a better inside look at how he perceives himself and the world as he sees it today. Sean intends to deepen his connection with his fans from this inside look and create a strong fan base moving forward.

Sean and his team are working diligently to make this project something special that will stay with his fans for a long time. With just less than a year’s worth of music experience, Sean Mac sets the bar high for himself moving forward. Stay tuned as Sean Mac aims to defy the odds and make his dreams of being a well-known artist a reality in 2021; you won’t be disappointed.

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Kyle Dendrick
Kyle Dendrick is a news reporter for CaliPost.

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