Sam Gendel Releases Adventurous Project “Fresh Bread”

On Friday, Los Angeles-based new age multi-instrumentalist Sam Gendel released his newest effort: the 52-track, 3 hour and 41 minute long Fresh Bread. As he is fluent with many instrumental in his hands, most prolifically the saxophone and guitar, Gendel incorporates his expansive catalog of influences to with his well-versed musical talents to create the cross-genre journey that is Fresh Bread.

The most recent solo music Sam Gendel has released was his 2020 album DRM. The multi-instrumentalist also released a collaboration album with LA composer Ethan Braun and contributed a lengthy remix of Vampire Weekend’s “2021” in celebration of the new year.

No matter where you dive into this expansive project, you will be met with a new genre and new vibe. The only commonality from track to track is Gendel’s signature new age jazz-fusion touch being added to his interpretation of a given sound. Like he did with his cover of “Old Town Road” on his most recent solo project, the LA jazz artist once again established he is not afraid of embracing the avant-garde label and exploring new directions with his music. Released via Leaving Records, Fresh Bread is a spiritual and sonic journey like no other. 

Purchase and listen to Fresh Bread here and watch the video for the track “Alto Voices” below.

Sam Gendel – Alto Voices – YouTube

John Lyberg
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