Serial Entrepreneur Jay Marchese Bringing Himself and Others To New Levels

The jack of all trades; competitor, brand marketer, and serial entrepreneur meet Jay Marchese, the individual who has the sauce and expertise to take you to new heights. From building his own brand from the ground up, marketing himself, and scaling his Jiu Jitsu training and brand. Jay has the keys to not just get your mind and body right but your business income as well.

Born and raised in Cold Spring, in Putnam County, New York, Jay is the owner of Jay Marchese Enterprises as well as OneSleeve Jiu Jitsu & Promotions. Within Marchese Enterprises, he has been able to network and elevate with thousands of billboard artists, pro athletes, and big-name brands. Jay is a one-stop shop for all your marketing needs. He will help you build credibility, network with the right people, and have the foundation to expand and monetize your brand.

OneSleeve Jiu Jitsu & Promotions is his BJJ brand. Founded by Matthew and Jay Marchese, they built the brand to sponsor Jiu Jitsu competitors in the combat sport in the Submission Fighting World Championships in LAs Vegas. His brand is iconic for literally having one sleeve on the shirts after his sleeve got ripped off during a training session. The rest was history. They have worked with world champions like Estevan “Giant Slayer” Martinez, and standout former #1 amateur boxer Jordan Panthen who just made his debut on August 4th. Jay credits his competitive nature for a lot of his success.

Combining the marketing skills with his Jiu Jitsu, his mindset of consistency, always getting better, and being open to battling adversity has helped lead him to where he is. He says “Adapt and overcome. Find your niche and put all your time into it, don’t try to do and build 10 businesses at once. put all your time and energy into one thing that substantially changes yours and so many others’ lives around you.” Jay is a firm believer and supporter in winning with a team. He also mentions, “Having personal success is one thing, but truly being able to have the solution for whether it be my training partners, artists that have been with me for 4+ years, to coaches and influencers around the globe. I have something that can benefit everybody.”

Jay credits a lot of where he is at currently due to surrounding himself with winners. He focuses on prioritizing his team and connecting with people on a personal level and having learning skills to bring solutions to his client’s problems. He wants people to know that he is very humble but still just scratching the surface of the opportunities ahead. He wants to inspire people to get after it, take action, and have fun while enjoying the precious time we have on this earth.

He states, “Between Ecommerce,  Ad Running, Content Creation, Fighter Management, etc there is always room for opportunity to be successful. In my circle we don’t fight, we cut the pie into more pieces, we simply make the pie bigger.”

A piece of advice Jay wants to give young entrepreneurs is to balance life. Work hard but enjoy it. Don’t slack but make time for family and friends. He thanks his family for allowing him to do what he does and wants to buy them nice things in the future.

Jay will show you how to build relationships and make money online. No matter where you are now, you can change and make a difference for yourself starting now. Follow your dreams and follow Jay Marchese here on Instagram. Check out his website for more information as well.

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