Friday, June 21, 2024

Shakeil Kanish Is The Rising Actor You Need To Know

Actor and writer Shakeil Larece Kanish comes from humble beginnings being born in Honolulu, Hawaii. Growing up as an adolescent, he began doing stage acting that would ultimately change his life forever. He landed his first role in the play “Into The Woods” portraying the character Jack. Never being good at sports, or school related subjects, he struck gold in the fine arts department.

As someone who accepted their queer sexuality from an early age, he never was a part of the in crowd and assumed that he would never be accepted for who he was. He now had a safe haven to creatively express his raw feelings, and be accepted. After graduating high school, he left acting alone for a while to embark on a career in the military. But it wouldn’t take long before he realized that he could not go another day without doing something acting related.

As a result, the moment he got out of the military, he took all his drive and passion, and moved out to Los Angeles to officially launch his professional career as an writer and actor. After relocating to LA, Shak joined the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute, the same acting school Meryl Streep came out of. With hard work and determination, he continues to get closer and closer to his dreams of becoming a mainstream actor in Hollywood. Recently he completed Killian’s Commercial Workshop, and is gearing up for Improv Class to hone more into his craft.

To learn more about Shakeil “Shak” Kanish, follow him on social media @shakkanish.

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