Shyam Thakker (Desiboy)’s Love For Music Is Universal

Shyam Thakker love for music is universal. Every country has their own regional sound, but a common thread is that we all enjoy creating and being entertained. For Desiboy, that worldwide love is what pushes him higher and higher in the music industry.

Born in Kenya to Indian parents, Desiboy began his journey as an anomaly. He developed an appreciation for the African influences of his home country as well as the southeast Asian influences of his parents. He began producing music at a young age and decided his passion would be better pursued in America. It was then that he decided to pack his bags and head for the Motor City: Detroit, Michigan. With the blessing of all of these regions in his pocket, he began releasing music to his peers and the world at a fast pace. His love for dance and talent in music have come together to make his songs catchy and memorable for all to enjoy.

Listen to Desiboy songs like “Money Money” and “Blvd” below on Spotify.
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