Snatched Beverly Hills, Closing the Gap In The Cosmetic Industry

Sadiyah Karimi and Ani Malkhasyan are two best friends and business partners that met each other as recent grads. They both worked at the hospital in the Intensive Care Unit as nurses. After figuring out that they had so much in common when it came to tenacity, ethics, and passion, they thought of the possibility of moving from their careers as nurses and pursuing a career in the cosmetic field. 

Karimi and Malkhasyan had attended the same nursing school (West Coast University), they did indeed graduate the same year and obtained their professional licensure. After Karimi and Malkhasyan, both returned to school in 2020, they also obtained their MSN (Master’s in Science of Nursing). During this time frame, they came to the conclusion that it was indeed time to branch out to a business partnership which led to the birth of Snatched Beverly Hills. 

Snatched Beverly Hills, was created to reshape the lack of diversity currently in the cosmetic industry. Unfortunately, there was a huge gap in the industry, they both felt like the people who were interested in enhancing their appearances; however, were not comfortable with the standards of beauty when it came to fillers, botox, and other aesthetics. Additionally, they noticed two common factors that came into play. Either you got work done, and it was done so artificially that blind eyes could point it out, or you had no work done for fear of looking like category #1. This persuaded Karimi and Malkhasyan to do cosmetic work and enhance people’s appearance, but for some reason, it was near impossible to get all that seamlessly without evident distortions done to the natural features. 

Snatched Beverly Hills, provides various services that meet the needs of everyone. Their primary focus is creating beauty regimen plans for each one of their patients. This usually starts with a series of advanced skin tightening and lifting treatments that they offer, such as Morpheus 8, CO2 LASER, Micro Needling + PRP, Forma, Collagen PDO Thread boosters, chemical peels, advanced radio frequency treatments, and many more.  

Karimi and Malkhasyan, both want to make sure each client feels confident and beautiful. They are very specific with their approach when it comes to beauty and are extremely picky with who they treat. As they both explain, “We have a closed booking system, and we don’t just accept anyone. We want to ensure that your cosmetic goals align with ours. We don’t promote or promise perfection. We always want to give you the best version of your own unique beauty.” Our motto & approach, simply states, “yours, but better.”

They believe what sets them apart from other luxury med spas is their approach to beauty is really what contributed to such exponential growth in the heart of Beverly Hills. They proceeded to see a realm of clientele that had never gotten any cosmetic work done before; however, until they found us and this was assuring that there is a huge market for seamless work that boosts your confidence completely undetectable. Additionally, Karimi and Malkhasyan explain, “that to persevere against any challenges or obstacles thrown their way, you have to learn a core lesson: you can’t give up no matter how hard it gets. With that mindset, you can handle any obstacle that comes your way. When you make success your only option, you really don’t have much to choose from.”

For more information about Snatched Beverly Hills book a consultation, and visit their website.

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