Sven Andrew Is the Musician on the Rise to Look Out For

Music artists are usually not defined by their proud standing of ongoing injustices in our world or for having profound and serious opinions on ongoing world affairs. This is because the main goal is to avoid taking sides for maximum popularity or to avoid getting canceled. 

Sven Andrew, however, realized that this was not the kind of musician he wanted to be. So from the start, Andrew has had it in him to step up and speak out about the injustices in the world or bring them into the spotlight by talking about them. At the age of only 25, Andrew is young and has started to rise up the ranks in the music industry. 

Based in Nuremberg, Germany, Andrew has always been known for having opinions, and he has always been able to express them. Along with that, Andrew has gained popularity as a musician, and his audience continues to rise. Andrew has added his own take to the world of music by combining genres such as electronic pop and indie rock. What comes out is a unique look at Andrew’s genius. 

Andrew has steadily been successful. Apart from his talent in making and producing music videos, his songs are also gaining an audience. Andrew’s song “I’m Not Alright” has been a great success for the artist. The song has more than 150,000 clicks on YouTube, more than 300,000 on Facebook, and more than 250,000 on Instagram. These are indeed impressive numbers. 

However, his music video has received more than just clicks; because of the talented work behind it, Andrew’s “I’m Not Alright” has also been nominated at the Berlin Music Video Awards. These are all incredible achievements by the 25-year-old singer. 

As fame and success start to rise among people, so do their efforts to delegate different tasks. In the current day, you will hardly see any artist going above and beyond to do more than they’re required, which is singing. However, Andrew likes to do things differently. Andrew not only sings but also writes, produces, does video production, and even books the gigs all by himself. As impossible as all that may seem, Andrew has kept all his work in his own hands and does it better than anyone else could. 

When it comes to collaborations, Andrew has done that too; he made a song with Ray Horton, singer of the world-renowned band Milli Vanilli.

Artists in the music industry already have to go through a lot to make their work stand out. On top of that, the pandemic has caused an even bigger problem. Andrew mentions how the pandemic has brought him some of the most challenging moments; being stuck in the same place can often become depressing, according to him. However, even with all the pandemic’s negativity, Andrew has a hopeful eye towards the future. 

Andrew has previously toured in Indonesia, and he greatly looks forward to going on tour again. Touring means so much to him that, according to him, we would even sell his apartment to be able to do it again. Andrew now waits as the lockdowns and restrictions start to lift, and we can go back to normal life.

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