Fast-Rising Rap Talent Tatted Swerve Shares the Importance of Remaining True to Yourself

“The scarcity of self-value cannot be remedied by money, recognition, affection or influence.” – Gary Zukav.

True to these words, this simple notion reflects on embracing yourself for who you are, what you have, and where you come from. Experts in psychology will argue that you plant something unique and wonderful in the world that was previously missing by simply being yourself. 

Tatted Swerve is one of the new prolific rappers to hit the New York hip-hop scene. The skilled rapper is a strong believer in people finding their purpose in life and living their dreams while remaining true to themselves. He shares an inspirational success story, having been born and brought up in the Bronx, New York, an area widely known for low-income housing and rampant social upheaval. People from the area are highly regarded as having a crabs in a barrel mentality, with the majority not living up to their potential. But Tatted Swerve has always dreamed big and focused on the bigger picture, working to become successful and subsequently making it out the hood. 

Tatted Swerve was determined to become a successful artist, and he did not allow his broken home and society to stop him from living his dream. Being brought up in a musical/hip-hop community greatly influenced his love and passion for the industry. He also had a profound passion for painting and would often use his skill to express himself. He loved the two art forms for their ability to allow him to express himself as a minority in society freely. 

By 16, Tatted Swerve was already making music with a friend at a home studio, where he laid down some tracks. This experience allowed him to acquire more knowledge about the music-making process while testing his skills.  

Though he was exceptionally good at music, Tatted Swerve was forced to hold back his music ambitions due to financial difficulties. He could barely afford a meal, let alone the cost of music production. With no alternative, Tatted Swerve embarked on his drawing passion, choosing to venture into the tattoo industry. Many people might recognize him for his exceptional tattoo pieces, as he has been in the industry for quite a while. 

He has since returned to his first passion for making music and is now a commanding presence in the highly competitive hip-hop scene. Tatted Swerve’s innate rap talent also sets him apart from other upcoming artists, and he’s on course to become one of the best to grace the industry. 

But what got everyone talking is Tatted Swerve’s desire to remain connected to his roots. The rapper has persisted in acknowledging his origins while staying connected to his people. 

“You, me, everyone, we’re all products of our environment. Where we’re from, our families, our friends, the culture we grew up in all play a part in helping shape who we are and what we value. That’s your roots, and you need to stay true to your roots, or you’ll end up like driftwood in the ocean, tossed and turned by the tides with no direction and autonomy.” says Tatted Swerve.

His ambitions are to grow his brand and hopefully become one of the greats in rap history.  

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