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The Green Show Presents an Unforgettable Night of Eco-Friendly Elegance at New York Fashion Week

On September 9th, New York City was alive with anticipation and exhilaration and as the city’s fashion elite converged for an extraordinary event – The Green Show, curated by the renowned La Faye & Powell. Committed to advancing sustainable fashion, this annual spectacle made its grand premiere during the prestigious New York Fashion Week. Those fortunate enough to be in attendance bore witness to a historical spectacle where wearable art and sustainability converged, poised to revolutionize the fashion industry.

The inaugural event found its home at the opulent BondSt Hudson Yards, an impeccable selection for a sophisticated gathering, with a mission to amplify the constructive potential of fashion. Venturing into the entrance, all senses were captivated by the space’s contemporary, minimalist aesthetics, a visual representation of the innovation and advancement that The Green Show aimed to foster.

The high point of the evening revolved around the Spring/Summer 2024 collection meticulously crafted by the esteemed Dur Doux. The runway presentation of the “Sous Marine” collection effortlessly whisked the audience away to a mesmerizing underwater kingdom where sustainable fashion took center stage. Each piece of attire wove its own distinct narrative, employing a masterful blend of form, texture, and color.

The enchanting allure of the evening was inescapable, one could easily lose themselves in the billowing kaftans that skillfully mirrored the rhythm of the ocean. The floor-length gowns, adorned with coral reef patterns, exquisitely captured the essence of the sea’s beauty and motion. Ruffled bandeaus summoned images of lively marine creatures below. Notably, these stunning ensembles were meticulously fashioned from eco-friendly Italian knits, recycled materials, and OEKO-TEX certified fabrics, a resounding testament to Dur Doux’s vow to uphold sustainability.

The introduction of sustainable swimwear and beachwear on the runway had every attendee dreaming of summer. The runway styles were adeptly curated by the skilled hands of Christine Manthey, accentuated by the stunning shoe creations of Tejahn Burnett, and adorned with the exclusive jewelry pieces crafted by Sophie Blake.

Some guessed from the top that The Green Show would be way more than an evening of rubbing elbows with fellow fashion enthusiasts, but did they know that it would become a visionary step toward a more sustainable future? Keeping fashion’s environmental impacts subjugated to the subconscious doesn’t help anyone. So, there was no surprise that The Green Show took the initiative to partner with eco-conscious brands. Each brand emphasized a creative solution that could lead the world toward a more sustainable and responsible future in fashion – and life.

The event featured a panel discussion expertly moderated by Roman Bolli from South Pole, who skillfully united a diverse array of sustainability experts. This illustrious panel included TV personality and interior designer Erin Dana Lichy, GLAM4GOOD’s Executive Director Morgan Kelly, award-winning journalist and Black Enterprise editor Selena Hill, and Hearst’s VP Creative Director Khary Simon. Together, they shared invaluable industry insights on advancing sustainability through eco-friendly production, ethical sourcing, and circular fashion endeavors.
The discussion was a reminder that real-world facts and informed discussions can be powerful tools for change. Topics included, but were not limited to, sustainable lifestyle changes, corporate solutions, ethical production practices, and the role of fashion in mitigating climate change.

As the night evolved into an after-party, attendees were indulged with delectable sushi and cocktails, all while basking in the breathtaking Hudson River views. ELEMED™ added a wellness touch by offering eleBoost™ Vitamin B12 shots, showing how we can effortlessly incorporate sustainable choices into our daily routines. The event’s gift bags showcased items such as GOODAL Vitamin C Dark Spot Serum, Garnier Micellar Water, Physicians Formula, and fragrances from Banana Republic, emphasizing the significance of conscious consumer decisions.

Amidst the festivities, David Park, Industry Affairs Director of the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Partnership, offered a sobering perspective on the far-reaching consequences of sustainability. “Fashion touches every aspect of our lives. The Green Show exemplifies the power of the fashion industry to influence business and lifestyle choices, including the power to choose electrified transportation over fossil fuels. Fuel cell-electric cars, trucks and buses, powered by hydrogen, are a social win as they produce only water at the tailpipe, with a virtually seamless fit to the supply chain; what is more sustainable than that?! The Hydrogen Fuel Cell Partnership and its title sponsors, Iwatani Corporation, Air Liquide, Hyundai and Anglo American say, “Brava!” to La Faye & Powell for an amazing display of talent and spreading the word!”

The inaugural event proved to be an indisputable triumph—a historic start to The Green Show’s ambitious journey. With future events slated for Dubai, Paris, London, and Milan, The Green Show aims to spark a worldwide movement. Leveraging the influential platform of New York Fashion Week, the goal was not merely to promote sustainability as a choice but to leave it deeply ingrained as a way of life.

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