The Wade Marketing Blueprint: How Job Stacking Empowers You to Build a Six-Figure Lifestyle

Starting a business is a dream for many, yet the financial barrier to entry remains a significant hurdle. Traditional advice often suggests slow savings from a full-time job, but this method can delay your entrepreneurial dreams for years. Wade Marketing has introduced an innovative approach to fast-tracking your business venture through a strategy called job stacking. The insights from their team offer a blueprint for living a six-figure lifestyle, even as you prepare to launch your company.

The Genius of Job Stacking

Job stacking involves working multiple jobs at the same time, each contributing to a faster rate of savings. “The more jobs you have, the faster you can save and start your business,” says Zach Wade,  Founder and CEO of Wade Marketing. Many people are skeptical about banks’ willingness to lend money to startups due to the high failure rates of new businesses. Job stacking eliminates the need for external funding by enabling you to gather the resources you need on your own terms.

Real-World Practice

Another benefit of job stacking is its semblance to running an actual business. By juggling multiple jobs, you gain practical experience in project management, delegation, and multitasking. Wade Marketing’s job stacking approach goes a step further by allowing partners to outsource specific tasks to their internal marketing team. This setup provides a two-fold advantage: you earn while practicing the skills needed for business management.

Complete Control and Flexibility

Job stacking’s inherent flexibility grants you control over your daily life. “The more jobs you stack, the more control, power, and choice you have,” states Wade. By diversifying your income streams, you can be more selective about the jobs you accept. The aim is to build your “perfect stack”—a combination of jobs you love that pays well and still allows for work-life balance.

Tips for Effective Job Stacking

Tip 1: Do It Before You Delegate It

Before you can effectively delegate a task, you should understand how it’s done. Business owners often get stuck “in the weeds,” doing tasks that could be better delegated. Understanding the task first-hand not only makes delegation more effective but allows you to work on your business rather than in it.

Tip 2: Treat Your Business Like an Asset, Not a Baby

The emotional investment in your business is understandable, but it can also be a hindrance. Treating your business like an asset rather than a baby helps you make more rational decisions that contribute to growth.

Tip 3: Rethink Traditional Education

College may not be the most efficient way to learn business management in today’s digital age. Wade Marketing argues that much of the knowledge you need to start and run a business can be acquired online, often at a fraction of the cost. Their advice? Show, don’t tell your parents why college isn’t necessary. Learn online and save money while getting ready to launch your venture.

Wade Marketing’s blueprint for job stacking offers a compelling alternative to traditional business startup pathways. Through job stacking, you not only earn and save at an accelerated rate, but you also gain invaluable real-world business experience. Combined with their tips for effective management and education, Wade Marketing provides a comprehensive guide for those aiming to live a six-figure lifestyle before and after launching their business.

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