These Two Young Entrepreneurs Started Lost Boy Entertainment LLC From Their Dorm Room

The story behind Lost Boy Entertainment LLC

It has never been more important than now to establish an online presence. With the dynamic of in person business being put on pause from the Covid-19 global pandemic, any business that has not been able to adjust to an online platform has been left behind.

Most of America is currently trying to cut losses, digging themselves out of a financial hole. However, there is one business that has been thriving during the duration of the pandemic, while helping those around them do the same. 

In the midst of a global pandemic, Lost Boy Entertainment LLC has put up impressive numbers while being an official LLC for less than a year. The digital marketing and public relations firm is headed by two young entrepreneurs Christian Anderson (better known under the stage name Trust’N) and Bryce Vander Sanden. While both are not even 23 yet, the company has an impressive list of clientele including likes of Snoop Dogg, Reggie Mills, and Target Inc. among others. 

The duo started the company in their dorm room, simultaneously juggling their studies with the workload. “It was starting to become a lot so I asked Bryce to help me. And the rest is history”, said Christian Anderson. Christian serves as the company’s President while Bryce assists him in the Vice President position. Christian’s experience in the entertainment industry as a successful hip hop artist paved the way for the start up. The company’s president has already had numerous impressive accolades including charting as a musician twice, and being named the youngest member of the Forbes Communications Council.

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Bryce Vander Sanden (left) & Christian Anderson (right) are the founders of Lost Boy Entertainment LLC. Picture taken by Dawson Rauls.

The young business owners sought out help from their school’s small business center. A decision that was vital to the company’s early success. “I don’t know where we would be if it wasn’t for UW-La Crosse’s small business center. They really helped us put it all together and get us going as a company,” said Christian Anderson.

Lost Boy Entertainment LLC has reported 7 figures in revenue in less than 1 year of inception. Building the company in the middle of the pandemic has turned a lot of heads, and is an impressive beginningWhile Christian Anderson reportedly dropped out of school during the first semester of his last year in 2020, Bryce Vander Sanden is still actively pursuing a degree in Finance & Accounting.

The duo compliments each other well, bringing their own unique talents to the table. “It’s funny how we work,” said Christian Anderson. “We are so opposite in so many ways, but thats what I think makes it work so well.”

The company reportedly looks to expand even further, soon adding branches that will offer financial planning for musicians, and as well as a management firm for artists and influencers. 

While the company is young at heart, the numbers are undeniable and the outlook is very promising. Especially considering the company was founded in Wisconsin, a place that has never been even close to being considered a hub in the entertainment industry. 

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