Travis Scott’s 20 Million Dollar Partnership With Mcdonald’s

With all of the losses that came with a COIVD-19 ridden year, 2020 has been anything but an L for Travis Scott. Aside from racking up over 100 million dollars in royalties from his chart topping singles, a multiplatinum album (Astroworld) and the top-grossing rap tour in 2019. When he already seemed out of reach, Travis made himself even more so with brand partnerships including deals with Epic Games, and fast-food chain Mcdonald’s.

The rapper’s partnership the home of the big mack has been said to be worth 20 million dollars. The partnership consisted of collaboration with Travis Scott on a meal, and a Cactus Jack x Mcdonald’s clothing release. Forbes estimates Scott earned roughly $5 million through the endorsement, along with another $15 million through McDonald’s-themed merchandise he developed for his Cactus Jack brand.

McDonald’s held up their end of deal, by offering a limited time menu item called the Travis Scott Meal — a Quarter Pounder with cheese, bacon, and lettuce; medium fries with BBQ sauce; and a Sprite. The $6 combo, which is Scott’s go-to McDonald’s order, was available for roughly one month from September 8 through October 4. The short time offered made it more pleasing to any fans of Travis.

Forbes estimates that most of the 20 million dollars came the clothing collab between Travis’ label Cactus Jack and Mcdonald’s. The mercy drop consisted of offerings from sweatshirts, t-shirts, and hoodies, all the way to denim shorts. Seems to fit Travis’ style.

After watching Travis partner with company after company, it’ll be interesting to see what big partnerships take place in 2021.

Abe Alberts
Abe Alberts
Abe Alberts is a musician, designer, journalist, and entrepreneur from Northern Wisconsin. Being involved in several different notable music and business circles, Alberts has developed a skill set that has helped him build a name for himself across the music, marketing, and PR industries. Co-founder of multiple businesses, including Loghaus Media, Alberts has been paving his way at just 22 years of age.

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