Lil Baby Releases 2 Singles ‘Errbody’ & ‘On Me’ For A Birthday Surprise

Usually on your birthday, you’re the one to receive all of the gifts. This time Lil Baby is switching up the norm by giving us two new singles to celebrate his 26th birthday. Both songs, entitled “Errbody” and “On Me,” were released individually at midnight on Friday, along with the official videos for both singles.

Over a month ago Lil Baby made it known to the public that he will not be involved with any features until further notice. The main reason he claims is to devote more time and passion into finalizing his next body of work. What seems to be a sneak peak, the two independent singles he dropped have relatively the same message and vibe to them. This essentially being him expressing where he came from, his emotions towards past females, and of course how he is ahead of the rap industry right now. Both tracks reached a high number on multiple popular playlists across all streaming platforms. One being Rap Caviar, “On Me,” quickly jumped to claim the No. 1 spot while “Errybody” trailed closely behind at No. 5.

Clearly indicating that fans have a preferred song, Baby would still bless his audience with music videos for each track. Dropping both of the visuals at the same time, just a few hours before the songs, it was interesting to notice how different the aesthetic aspects of each video were. Ironically, the video for the less popular song, “Errybody,” would seem to have a higher budget and more effort put into it by Baby and his team. While the visuals for “On Me” are still impressive, the video starts with a caption stating, “Hey this is a Lil Baby Video… Actually it’s just moments from a random trip… So here we go.”

You can find and listen to both songs on all streaming platforms, while the visuals are only posted on his YouTube channel. Lyrics are able to be found on any music outlet and are also captioned in the music videos. Lil Baby has been nonstop with his music and is one of the few artists to show no signs of slowing down.

You can Listen to the songs here:

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