Community is something that has been at the heart of Utah-founded streetwear brand Lonely Ghost since day one. With an emphasis on encouraging people to connect with each other, their latest collaboration was no exception to this. Co-founders of Lonely Ghost, entrepreneur Bronson Christensen and American influencer Indy Blue, partnered with the creative minds at vintage apparel brand Springy, to bring an immersive fashion event to the LA community. Co-founder of Springy, Elijah Baig mentioned that “since the launch of [Lonely Ghost’s collection] Ghosted Garments, we’ve wanted to collaborate with them and couldn’t be more excited now that it’s finally happening”.

This two day event was kicked off with an exclusive, invite only, evening get together with LA-based influencers. With the influence that both brands hold, some notable attendees of the event included Jack Wright, Gabby Windey, Allison Rochel, and Ezra Sosa. Guests were welcomed to the sound of electric beats put on by local LA based DJ Apphia Castillo. Around the venue, there was an opportunity to engage in various activities such as tooth gems, tattooing, and most importantly, shopping a curated selection of Springy items. Once someone had selected the item they wanted, they were able to choose from one of six Lonely Ghost prints to have put on their item. The available screen prints included Lonely Ghost slogans such as “Growing is Lonely”, “Lonely Springy”, and “Let’s Grow Together”.

Needless to say, this was an already iconic event.

For the second part of the event, in true Lonely Ghost fashion, the venue was open to anybody that wanted to come shop the collection. This proved to be a huge success, as the streets around the venue were lined with those eager to get their hands on a piece! As was with the influencer event, those who attended were able to have one of the six Lonely Ghost logos screen printed onto their Springy item. The community event had products available on a first come, first serve basis with 1,500 curated vintage pieces. 500 of those pieces were left blank for attendees to choose the graphic that they wanted on them. With the reputable name that Lonely Ghost  has built for itself online and on social media, it was no surprise that there was a deep line of eager customers waiting to get their hands on one of these pieces. In relation to the event, co-founder of Lonely Ghost Indy Blue shared that “[they] have been anxious and excited to make our presence known outside of our home state. Coming to LA for an in person event is a big milestone for us”.

With past iconic collaborations, it is no surprise that this one with Springy turned out to be such a success. Fans of both Springy and Lonely Ghost were able to come together to experience the vibe of what combining these two trend-setters would be like. Togetherness and community through fashion is a strong passion for both of these brands. Co-founder of Lonely Ghost, Bronson Christensen, says in regards to why this collaboration is so special that, “the Springy team has been incredibly fun to work with. Their team is so pure and are such hustlers. Hours and days have been spent hand selecting and strategizing pieces, it’s been such a fun time!”. This will not be the last we see of Lonely Ghost in the LA market, as this event was just the beginning for what great potential they have in the future.

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