Unveiling Comfort: The Obviously Apparel Story

Majority of men’s underwear today fails to prioritize comfort. Obviously Apparel is solving this issue with their innovative and quality designs. This article tells the story of an apparel company that transformed the men’s underwear industry, setting a new standard for comfort and quality.

A Brief History

In 2007, two brothers came together with a mission to change men’s underwear forever. They were inspired by their personal frustrations with the lack of options for men’s underwear and hoped to change this experience for fellow men. Although they had no prior textile experience, they boldly embarked on their journey to create Obviously Apparel.

The two brothers’ vision was clear: to craft high-quality, sustainably manufactured men’s underwear that prioritized comfort and natural fabrics. Their underwear includes anatomically designed pouches that prevent chafing and irritation, offering an elevated level of comfort. With their innovative ideas, they started transforming the realm of men’s underwear.

Overcoming Challenges

In the initial stages, the brothers faced challenges finding the first cohort of men who were willing to try their underwear for the first time. However, once a few men started experiencing the comfort of their designs, they became dedicated ambassadors and loyal customers. Their initial customers were totally hooked, causing the brand to spread to thousands more customers. Today, the brand has endless positive reviews from fans on social media.

Obviously Apparel made a bold move by shifting away from Chinese sewing factories and instead establishing their custom-built production facility in the European Union. This decision helped their business flourish in the long-run, ensuring that all their products were top quality at a reasonable price.

The Secret to Comfort

Obviously Apparel stands out amongst competitors because of their dedication to quality. Their materials are some of the finest in the world, including MicroModal, Lycra, and Bamboo Rayon. These luxury fabrics are known for their moisture-wicking and antibacterial properties, ensuring that the underwear is comfortable and fresh throughout the entire day.

The brand has won multiple awards for their accomplishments. Since 2010, Obviously Apparel has been a consistent winner of the Undie Awards for their popular Boxer Briefs. This award is nothing to joke about, as it’s voted on by over 40,000 consumers each year. These awards are a testament to the brand’s total commitment to quality and unparalleled comfort.

Looking Ahead

Despite all their successes, Obviously Apparel has a broader vision for expansion. They hope to offer more products including socks, shirts, loungewear, and swimwear in the future. However, with all their new product offerings their dedication to comfort remains constant.

In a saturated men’s apparel market, Obviously Apparel stands as a testament to the power of innovation and dedication to quality. Their journey, from two brothers with a vision to a global brand, has reshaped the way men perceive their underwear.

If you’re ready to ditch the ordinary options and shift to underwear that reaches new heights of comfort, make sure to explore Obviously Apparel’s offerings on their Instagram and Facebook.

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